Navigational Calculator Aid

For Sail and Power Boaters

The only Navigational Calculator that quickly and easily solves navigational and other speed/time/distance problems. An essential navigational tool!

The NautiCalc Plus helps you:

  • Quickly & Easily Solve Navigational Problems
  • Eliminate Errors
  • Sail Confidently

Use the NautiCalc Plus aboard any sailing vessel & put convenient navigational answers at your fingertips!

  • Speed, Time and Distance Calculations
    In any format of entry . . . enter any two and it solves the third.
  • Complete Navigational Conversions
    Nautical miles, statute miles, km, meters, yards, fathoms, feet, knots, km/h and mph.

  • Complete Time-Math and Conversions
    Hours, minutes, seconds, hour:minutes:seconds (h:m:s) and minutes:seconds, AM/PM and 24-hour.

  • Easy-to-Use Course Triangulation Function
    For dead reckoning/fixes.

  • Built-in Fuel Range, Efficiency and Capacity
    Solves for the unknown where two of three factors are entered in any order or format.

  • Built-in Preferences Function
    For establishing user-desired calculator settings.

  • Built-in Stopwatch/Timer

  • 10 Storage Memories

  • Works as a Regular Calculator

  • Durable and Portable