Decimal Point Selector Switch
Preset decimal point at + (Add mode), 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, F (Floating).

Round Up/Off/Down Switch
Rounds the results of multiplication and division to the preset number of digits.

Grand Total/Rate Set Switch
Grand Total: For accumulation of results, also single independent memory (two memories).
Rate Set: Used for setting or recalling the Tax Rate.

Tax Keys
Allows you to set a specific tax rate then add it to or subtract it from a desired number.

Item Count Switch
n+ n+/- function: The calculator counts and prints the number of calculation items up to 999. n+/-: When the switch is set at n+/-, the calculator counts when the "+" key is pressed.

  • Print Capability: Yes
  • Ribbon: Yes
  • Printing Color/s: Black/Red
  • Printing Paper: Roll
  • Printing Speed: 4.3 lines/second
  • Roll Width: 2 1/4", max diameter 3 3/8"
  • Display Type: Fluorescent Tube Display
  • Digits Displayed: 12
  • Angled Display: Yes
  • Adjustable Display: Yes
  • Chain Multiplication/Division: Yes
  • Constant Multiplication/Division/Percentage Calculations: Yes
  • Decimal Selector: Yes
  • Delta Percentage Calculation: Yes
  • Percentage Add On Discount Calculations: Yes
  • Repeat Calculation: Yes
  • Rounding: Yes
  • Tax Calculation Tip: Yes
Power Source
  • AC: Yes
  • Sign Change: Yes
  • Item Count: Yes
  • Mark-up/down: Yes
  • Memory: Yes
  • Grand Total: Yes