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D'Zign Cogo+ Pac(For the HP50G)
Written with the Engineer, Surveyor or Architect in mind, the Cogo + Pac has all of the programming for Coordinate Geometry as it is taught in the required basic college course on Coordinate Geometry, plus Pre-determined Areas and Rotation/Translation, as well as a number of specialty programs for circular curves, triangle solutions, vertical solutions, spiral curve solutions, and programs for End-Area and Pit Volumes.

D'Zign Surveying Pac(For the HP50G)
This Pac for the hp 50G is meant for general use by the professional or sub-professional surveyor, and contains all of the programs for Coordinate Geometry, curves, triangle and spiral solutions that are in the Cogo + Pac, supplemented by additional solution programs such as curve common to three tangents, curve throught three known points.

D'Zign Transportaion Pac(For the HP50G)
DíZign wrote the original alignment / offset programs for a handheld, and has added to the functionality with the advent of each new calculator produced by HP. This Pac has the latest, most complete version of alignment programming in addition to all of the programming in our DíZign Surveying Pac & DíZign Student Pac.

D'Zign Solutions Book for the NCEES Tests A do-it-yourself solutions book for the HP35S calculator, which may be used during NCEES tests for all surveying and engineering examinations.

Add and subtract directly in Degrees Minutes and Seconds. Change bearings to azimuths or azimuths to bearings. Travers and inverse with closure output and sideshots, work in either bearings or azimuths. Vertical tangent and curve solutions including hi/low point, elevation at any station, station at known elevation, etc.


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